Online Activities including Kahoots

Spelling and Punctuation

• Kahoot: Tricky English Words 1: For teachers | Preview mode for students | Create an account 

• Kahoot: Tricky English Words 2: For teachers | Preview mode for studentsCreate an account 

• Quizizz: Spelling Quiz: The Teacher and the Postman – A Story about Love, Loss and Spelling 

• Interactive Quiz: Placing that Dratted Apostrophe 

• Kahoot: Placing that Dratted Apostrophe: For teachers | Preview mode for students | Create an account




Class Texts

Harley and Carl experience neglect and discrimination, yet they show resilience and manage to recreate their lives in spite of all their hardships.

Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove: The Character of Carl | PDF of quiz with solutions

The Blind Side:

The Story of Anthony Tipungwuti – handout and online quiz 






Ideas for Learning

Quiz: How to ask for help when you are learning – from the post: Q is for Questions

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