Downloadable Handouts

Personal and Autobiographical Writing

J is for Journey – handout

J is for Journey – a sample presentation 

Symbols and Metaphors

The symbolic meanings of words – objects with potentially symbolic meanings

Proverbs with bubbles handout (for writing) | Proverbs in squares – accompanying handout (for reading) | Possible procedure for using the two handouts relating to proverbs (for teachers)

Analysing proverbs: an online quiz


A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove by James Moloney

Vocabulary – Chapter: Beryl

Themes A-Z: Blank for students | Filled-in version 

Vocabulary – Chapters: Skip and The Barge along with vocabulary on the theme of prejudice

Wrapping paper design task based on symbolism in Wiseman’s Cove

Writing structured paragraphs based on characters and themes in Wiseman’s Cove

Character study: Concept map on the character of Carl Matt

Themes and quotations for evaluating Carl’s character and development

Colour-coded paragraph with quotations


Film Study: The Blind Side

Handout: Books versus films – what do you think? 

Handout: The Story of Anthony Tipungwuti 

Handout: First reactions to the film The Blind Side, with suggested vocabulary for describing a film 

Handout: Describing the characters in the film with suggested adjectives


So Much to Tell You

Grammar, Spelling and Other Cruel Impositions on Innocent Teenagers

Arguments and Analysis

Philosophy of Life – Oral Presentation


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