R is for Resolution

My name is Ms Green.

Dear 8B,

If you are anything like me at the start of a new school year, you resolve to be a better person (or in my case, a better teacher). For instance, I tend to make myself all kinds of unrealistic promises, like these:

I shall be kind, patient and considerate to all my students, even on Friday in Period 6 when the weekend is beckoning…

2 If students make questionable excuses, I shall not roll my eyes or respond with an acerbic comment. Instead, I shall listen quietly and sympathetically.

3 When students beg me to make them a Kahoot, I shall exert myself to fulfil their wishes.

Sometimes I manage to live up to these high hopes, but quite often I fail dismally. Once winter sets in, I find that my temperament, like the weather, becomes less sunny. You may remind me of the resolutions above any time you like.

Kind regards from Ms Green

Your first comment: What are your resolutions, hopes and dreams for this year? Write at least one in a comment at the bottom of this post. Use formal, correct English and ONLY YOUR FIRST NAME.

Sentence starters:

  • This year I hope to…
  • I would like to show that…
  • During this year I promise to…
  • In the next twelve months, I shall try to overcome my tendency to… 
  • One of my plans for this year is to…

The sun goes down on the summer holidays.

J is for Journey

The first English task for this year is titled “J is for Journey”. The idea comes from a novel by Barry Jonsberg titled My Life as an Alphabet, which I highly recommend. It is an amusing and touching story. 

Two sample slides from my own presentation:

Each slide or page of your presentation should include a picture, a letter, a corresponding key word and an explanation.

Try to use pictures that you have taken yourself. I snapped the photo above in a gourmet supermarket: power through Vitamin C – and word play!

Essential Tasks

  • Write a comment in which you describe one resolution for this year. This need not have anything to do with English or school. It may refer to sport, friendships, music or hobbies, for instance.
  • Set yourself the task of completing one alphabet letter for “J is for Journey” each day or two. Time will also be provided in class. Each page or slide should include a letter, a corresponding word, an image and 2-4 sentences explaining your point clearly.

Essential Links